Ancient Caduceus

The Caduceus is a specially bred snake. With small wing-like flaps of skin around the middle of its body. It sheds extremely fast. Each shedding causing the "wings" to grow in size. It is extremely agile. But has mostly unlethal venom. Requiring at least 5 Caduceus to bite a adult human to result in death. Caduceus's are always in a pair of 2. Usually wrapping around eachother during sleep. With their wings they can hover above ground for just a few seconds. But mostly just use the wings to increase their lunging range.


Caduceus's pigmentation varies greatly. As they each have 3 differently colored sections. Their scales. Underbelly. And wings. Their main coloring however is Blue. Purple. Gold. Their wings are on the top of their mid-section. Flapping slightly. Their wings are scaly. With small spikes on the end.


Caduceus's do not lay eggs. Instead actually giving birth. To find mates. They will fly as high as they can. And hiss loudly.


Caduceus's will eat anything they find. But do it mostly unlethally. Their venom is only a very powerful sleeping sedative. That has enough power to completely sedate a adult male elephant. They are omnivores however. And will also eat fruits and plants. But when they eat meat. They will sedate the prey. And then bite off a piece of whatever they think is "unnecessary". Before then grabing the prey with its mouth and chucking it somewhere else.


When a Caduceus dies. Its mate will attempt to bury it. Regardless of other predators or nearby prey.


It is unknown why evolution decided Caduceus's needed wings. Ancient Caduceus's were entirely green in color. With 2 golden fangs and long red ribbon-like tongues. Their wings were also more similar to a birds. And much closer to their head.

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