Bog Creepers are a species of deadly venomous snakes.  They are called Bog Creepers because their natural habitat

Bog Creeper

is in bogs and swamps.  They are actually genetically modified snakes released into the wild by a mad scientist. 


Bog Creepers eat mainly frogs, turtles, and various insects.  


After mating, the female Bog Creeper will lay her eggs on a riverbank or a damp piece of land.  Bog Creeper eggs are

A Bog Creeper egg

usually white and have green spots on them.  The baby Bog Creepers have more concentrated venom than the adults, making them more dangerous. 


Bog Creepers are no ordinary snakes, they possess unusual abilities.  The scientist who genetically modified them gave them these abilities:

  • Optic blasts
  • Fire Breath
  • Super Speed
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